Feeling Disconnected?

We are living through the largest mental health pandemic in history. Social isolation, mental stress, and eco-anxiety spread across all age groups and continents. We are building a platform to promote nature as a solution for the collective well-being crisis we experience across all sectors of society.


Stress, loneliness, and disconnection are increasing worldwide, resulting in an increased risk of burnout and compassion fatigue among workers and learners alike. These negatively affect the productivity and well-being of organizations and learning institutions worldwide.


We are building a platform to reconnect the world by offering simple-to-use nature-led practice tools and templates and curated experiences that cultivate mental wellness and grow social connectivity at scale. At the same time, we are collecting deep insights and wisdom of nature, mapping and making visible the benefits of healthy ecosystems to the collective well-being.


We know that nature-led wellness practices offer evidence-based and accessible mental health solution solutions for collective well-being. Yet, How can we cultivate mental wellness and social connectivity practices at scale? We in BAMA develop a joyful and engaging approach to nature-led wellness as a game we play. The road is long, and the path we create by walking. 



We are proud to say we have won first place in the Business Idea Category in the 7th Mygrants Days edition